Quanto sai sull’Antartide?

How much do you know about Antarctica?

It is true, it is not habitable by humans but it is the home of various animal species as well as playing a fundamental role in the climatic-environmental balance of the Earth.

Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, together with the Arctic, regulate the climate of the entire planet and the oceanic and atmospheric circulation, as well as the sea level. An indispensable yet fragile balance. Unfortunately, in recent years this balance has been severely tested by global warming.

It is in the Southern Ocean, or Southern Ocean, that one of the most important processes for maintaining the global climate takes place: the exchange of energy and salt content between cold Antarctic waters and warmer northern waters, a process that serves to offset too much energy produced by equatorial waters and to keep the fragile Antarctic ecosystem intact.

The Southern Ocean, interacting with the atmospheric circulation and with the melting waters of the Antarctic glaciers, is also the engine of the circulation of the ocean currents of the entire planet. The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the most impressive on Earth.

But it doesn't stop there, Antarctica is also home to many species including whales, seals, fish, penguins, sea lions and many others seabirds, which live here thanks to the environmental climatic conditions of the place and which, due to climate change, are at risk.

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