Qual è il valore dell'artigianato oggi ?

What is the value of craftsmanship today?

In our high-speed world of consumption and automation, dominated by collective uncertainty, we are manipulated by the economic interests of large corporations. But what is the place of craftsmanship in today's mass brand?

First of all, craftsmen care about their work like a machine does not. The craftsman's constant search for craftsmanship requires time and attention which translate into the search for ever better quality standards. On the other hand, the pragmatic approach that artisans take to their work always produces durable, timeless and elegant pieces.

Pieces that are also unique, as each creation is hand-forged and there may be differences between two objects or even "mistakes" that make them rare, precious and special. The work of a craftsman is also a desire for beauty, the beauty of the world around us translated into something physical. It also stands out from industrial production for being tailor-made and, once again, unique.

Handicraft is a heritage, one of the most important manifestations of intangible cultural heritage. Its very existence speaks volumes about who we are. Preserve traditional techniques and keep traditions alive for future generations. It is a way to connect the legacy of the past with our experience of the present.

Finally, the work of the craftsman is humanity. The artisans work in dialogue with their materials and the world around them. The product is the expression of that person at that specific time. And it's comforting in his humanity. It is personal and is representative of us as individuals and as a community.

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