Le tartarughe marine rischiano l'estinzione

Sea turtles face extinction

Did you know that sea turtles are in danger of extinction?

The common sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is a widespread species in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and in the Mediterranean and Black Sea basin. In particular, in the Mediterranean, the spawning sites are Greece, Turkey , Cyprus, Libya, Italy.

The main threats to this species are overbuilding, coastal and coastal degradation and fishing: in fact, the turtles get stuck and are accidentally caught by trawls, longline hooks and fixed nets.

Plastic poses another major threat to sea turtles, which can get suffocated.

In addition, the plastic that remains on the beaches can compromise the nesting: the sand in which the mother turtle lays its eggs, in the presence of plastic fragments does not maintain the same humidity and changes the temperature, with consequences on the development of hatching .

To save sea turtles, a small daily effort in reducing (eliminating) plastic is enough: choose plastic free products, for example, do not buy packaged fruit and vegetables or switch to a solid shampoo.

Don't leave anything on the beach or in the sea, especially plastic bags and more.

If you want to make a greater contribution, find out about the initiatives in your area and participate as a volunteer in the actions promoted, such as beach cleaning and animal rescue in recovery centers.

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