Insieme Per FBM Odv e Thuja

Together For FBM Odv and Thuja

Together for fbm odv is an Italian association that aims to help and support the Fundación Benjamín Mehnert in Italy, a facility in Seville that rescues, treats and rehabilitates Spanish greyhounds (Galgos)

In Spain thousands of Galgos are tortured and killed because they are no longer useful for running or hunting.
It is estimated by default that they are approximately 60,000 or even 90,000 greyhounds per year are seeing the end of their career and life.

Raised in herds, left to live a life of hardship undergoing fatal training linked to vehicles in motion, if unsuitable or not performing they are tortured and killed or abandoned to a stray life.
"Life" which often ends with death (hanged, thrown into wells, left in the street with broken legs) or in perrera (kennel), where they are expected to be killed within 10 days of their arrival. < / p>

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