• THUJA | θυία |: tree of life; ETHICAL ANTIDOTE: responsible and aware attitude towards the planet and living beings.

The name Thuja, in addition to representing a specific plant, the thuja occidentalis (cedar), is also the Greek name of the tree of life, a recurring figure in various philosophical and religious fields, a sacred element representing what connects all forms of creation.

This is how the brand's goal is expressed, to combine respect for the environment and for mankind in a responsible attitude. Thuja wants to be an “ethical” antidote, which guides the behavior of society also through a conscious choice of eco-responsible clothing, made with sustainable materials and handcrafted products.

Thuja was born under the banner of innovation and sustainability, from the need for a change in the face of the disfigurement of the environment, social discrimination and the disappearance of the true "Made in Italy"

Our project for a better future for the Earth and for all its inhabitants moves from the awareness of the ineffectiveness of today's fashion model. Our planet is no longer able to sustain the rhythms of Fast Fashion. We have decided to offer products that are as natural as possible, made with minimum waste and cruelty free.

Sustainability is a means of growth and we all know that there are no shortcuts in creating high quality and long lasting products.

We collaborate with the most important producers and artisans of the Italian textile sector to ensure that all our garments are made entirely by hand in Italy according to the highest quality and sustainability standards.

We have created a movement, an "ethical antidote"

We hope to provide ideas for ethical choices in every aspect - not just your wardrobe - and improve your relationship with the planet.

Mission & Vision
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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the member states of the United Nations, are an ambitious plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and tackle the climate crisis. They have the power to create a better world by 2030, where no one is left behind. Our attention to environmental impact and sustainability looks to the SDGs from the beginning, with a particular focus on the following objectives.

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8 Decent work and economic growth

We work only with suppliers who ensure employees a safe working environment and decent salaries and hours, while the packaging process is entrusted to the artisan culture.

9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

One of the main innovations carried out by Thuja concerns the natural dyeing process, with the aim of developing an innovative and advantageous system that replaces the traditional one.

10 Reduced inequalities

The working conditions guarantee the absence of discrimination based on gender and origin.

12 Responsible consumption and production

Production is controlled in every single step in order to comply with all sustainability criteria. Similarly, the shopping experience provided aims at forming an awareness in the individual.

13 Climate action

Attention to every single detail while respecting the environment wants to be an example for everyone: it is starting from the small that you can really make a difference.

14 Life below water

The natural dyeing process does not pollute the aquifers having clean water as waste. All production processes try to limit water consumption.

15 Life on land

The use of organic cotton favors the protection of the soil from overexploitation, while the production and dyeing processes reduce emissions by using energy from renewable sources.

17 Partnerships for the goals

One of Thuja's goals is to forge partnerships with charities and activist groups that are committed to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment and the protection of animals.

Mission & Vision

The planet cannot handle this amount of overproduction, overconsumption and waste. In the face of an unprecedented climate crisis, we cannot continue to produce, purchase and discard clothes at the pace we have done over the past three decades. Discover Thuja's Slow Fashion

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