Le api stanno scomparendo !

Bees are disappearing!

In an effort to protect the ecosystem, we are actively engaged in the protection of bees.

For this reason we promote the purchase of raw honey.
Bees do much more than honey: we help pollinators not to disappear.

The role of bees is fundamental for food production and the environment. And in this, they are also helped by other insects such as bumblebees or butterflies.
A third of our food depends on the pollination of insects: in Europe alone, over 4,000 types of vegetables. < / p>

Undoubtedly the most nutritious and popular crops in our diet - lots of fruit and vegetables (such as apples, strawberries, tomatoes and almonds) - would be hit hard by a decline in pollinating insects.
Unfortunately, bees are in decline, threatened by pesticides, habitat loss, monocultures, pests, diseases and climate change.

In particular, some pesticides pose a direct risk to pollinators: the elimination of the most dangerous chemicals for bees is therefore the first and most effective step to take to defend them. < / p>

Let's save the bees!

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