Perché il cotone organico è meglio ?

Why is organic cotton better?

Here are some reasons why we chose organic cotton over regular cotton.

Organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Instead natural pesticides and insecticides are used to protect the plant from insects, fungi and weeds along with natural ways to nourish the soil. Furthermore, organic cotton crops cannot be genetically modified.

A study conducted by the Textile Exchange on the life cycle of organic cotton compared to regular cotton has shown that the production of organic cotton from sowing to pressing of cotton is much more sustainable. The cultivation of cotton organically reduces the negative impact of cotton on the environment. In fact, production does not damage water quality and biodiversity as much as conventional cotton and affects less acidification and global warming.

Cotton farming uses huge amounts of pesticides and insecticides globally - over 10% of total use in the world - that destroy the environment and leave an important mark on biodiversity. Furthermore, they can also be harmful to our health. Some of the compounds found in these pesticides are known carcinogens, according to the World Health Organization. And they don't just affect cotton workers, but also everyone who wears clothes.

All toxic dyes, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers used during production can be absorbed by our skin while we are wearing our clothes.
So organic cotton that uses fewer chemicals is better for our health. Organic cotton is also hypoallergenic, so it doesn't irritate people with skin and sensitivity problems.

In a long-term perspective, normal cotton fibers are likely to be damaged by chemicals and this results in a lower quality fabric. On the other hand, organic cotton fibers are longer and have a stronger bond between them, which makes organic cotton clothes more durable and of better quality overall. Usually, due to these long fibers, organic cotton clothes seem to be even smoother and more comfortable.

We believe it is extremely important to be more environmentally aware and to be able to make the right decision when buying our clothes.

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