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  • Organic cotton

    Collected in INDIA

    BCI, GOTS certification

  • Cotton yarn

    Worked in TREVISO

    GOTS certification

  • Cotton weaving

    Fabric in TREVISO

    GOTS certification

  • Garment packaging

    Packaged in TREVISO

    GOTS, RCS and OEKOTEX certification

  • Garment dyeing

    Tinto in REGGIO EMILIA

    GOTS certification

  • Packaging and finishing

    Finished in MANTOVA

    GRS, FSC and OK COMPOST HOME certification

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100% GOTS organic cotton

All trims, labels and threads are recycled or sourced from certified responsible sources.

The product packaging is compostable, to protect both your new garment and the environment. Once opened, please dispose of responsibly in compost to allow for complete disappearance within 24 weeks.

Entirely produced in Italy, in all its phases and components.

Head maintenance

Thuja garments have been designed to last a long time, but proper maintenance is essential to maintain their quality over time.

We recommend washing our products by hand, to preserve the softness of the fabric and the color. Alternatively, you can choose a washing machine at maximum 30 ° and a detergent for delicate clothes.

To maintain the color, dry cleaning is not necessary, but it is instead important to avoid the use of bleach and not to dry the garments directly in the sun (strongly recommended to hang them inside out).

It is possible to dry clothes in the dryer by setting the cotton program and can always be ironed with programs for cotton.

Please note that there may be slight variations in the color of our products following different washes due to the presence of natural dyes.


Everything that makes up your garment is carefully studied and researched in such a way as to reflect our ideal of sustainability.

We want to support companies and small businesses that are committed to respecting the planet and that find alternative solutions to industrial production, reducing energy and water consumption, reusing production waste and thinking about the entire life cycle of the product in relation to the Life Cycle Assessment. .

Below you can find out the certifications of all the components of your garment.

  • Raw organic cotton is harvested in India by farmers who have joined BCI , this allows us to be sure of the working conditions and independence of the farmers.

    Raw cotton is used to create our yarn which has achieved GOTS certification.

    The fabric, packaging and dyeing are GOTS certified.

  • The labels are produced in Mantua from recycled polyester threads obtained from post-consumer plastic bottles collected in Northern Italy which are transformed into NewlifeTM polymer, through a mechanical and non-chemical process with a 94% reduction in water consumption and 60% less energy resources than Virgin PET Fiber. The labels have GRS certification.

  • The tags are made in Borgo a Buggiano, in Tuscany, with by-products of agro-industrial processes that replace up to 15% of the cellulose coming from trees. Specifically, grape and olive residues saved from the landfill are used. The paper is FSC certified and 100% self-produced Green Energy, with a reduction of the ecological footprint of production by 20%.

  • The packaging consists of bioplastics, is compostable and has been designed with a view to a circular economy that sees its decomposition in the environment after 180 days: to dispose of it, just throw it in the compost together with food and organic waste. The bag is OK Compost HOME (AS 5810-NF T 51800-prEN 17427), European Bioplastics eV and New Plastics Economy certified.

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