Thuja garments are made in Italy and produced in a sustainable way

We want to be transparent because we are proud of the way we produce our garments and we believe that using innovative technologies it is possible to create sustainable clothing, even of high quality.

How Thuja garments are made

Find out how we make our sustainable garments

We only use 100% organic cotton and recycled materials

Our garments and accessories are produced with high quality raw materials, grown or produced with methods that do not harm people, animals and the environment.

Our garments are certified organic

The supply chain is certified by several independent bodies and standards. Each certification is a guarantee of total respect for the environment, people and animals.

Thuja garments and accessories, in addition to being made of biological materials, have additional certificates that prove their quality: Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX and PETA-Approved Vegan, GOTS, OCS, Control union, OCS100, RCS, Fairtrade.

Designed to last

Thuja garments have been designed to maintain quality over time.

Proper maintenance is essential to preserve the softness of the cotton.

Be sure to read the Washing instructions on the product sheet on the website or on the inside label!

We recommend washing our products by hand to preserve their quality. Alternatively, you can choose a washing machine at maximum 30 ° with a program for delicates.

Who makes our garments?

It is very important for us to know where and how the products we offer are made, so we have decided to tell you this too.

Our suppliers are committed to ensuring a safe working environment for their employees , with a salary, decent hours and absence of gender discrimination.

Working conditions are supervised by a dedicated team and always in accordance with the official certification of the International Labor Organization.

Our suppliers see it the same way

We only work with certified suppliers who share our values ​​and continue to work to minimize their environmental impact.