Thuja ammessa alla ELITE Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge del 2021.

Thuja admitted to the ELITE Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge in 2021.

Thuja becomes an ELITE company and takes the opportunity to be represented among the best companies in Italy and in the world.

The initiative is part of the broader and multi-year partnership between the leading Italian banking group, ELITE and Piccola Industria Confindustria.

ELITE is the private market of the Borsa Italiana Group, today part of Euronext, which connects companies to different sources of capital to accelerate their growth. An international network of successful entrepreneurs, partners, brokers and investors focused on helping the best companies around the world transform their vision into strategic plans and concrete results.

"Thuja joins ELITE today, through the Intesa Sanpaolo Lounge, in a new group of 20 startups from 9 regions of Italy and belonging to various industrial sectors of excellence in the Italian economy. The 20 protagonists of the new Lounge, which will take place digitally, will also have the opportunity to access integrated services and a network of international professionals and investors to facilitate their possible access to the capital market. The companies will also be equipped with useful tools to reorganize their strategies and financial needs with a view to resilience in dealing with the new economic context following the exit from the pandemic. "

"Thuja" Co-Founders: Filippo Chiavegato & Andreea Dohotar

Marta Testi, CEO of ELITE, said:

"We are happy to welcome Thuja to ELITE today: our task is to accelerate its growth and create value by facilitating access to new skills, to over 1,600 ELITE companies with which to grow business, with partners and finance solutions to support growth. We hope that ELITE is a virtuous environment for these 20 entrepreneurial realities and that it can contribute to their management, their performance and the consolidation of new skills in the certainty that finance is not the end, but the best means to transform the best ideas into successful reality ".

Read the Intesa Sanpaolo press release. Or download it together with the company lists.

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