Il canguro arboricolo è in pericolo !

The tree kangaroo is in danger!

Did you know that there are kangaroos capable of climbing trees?

They are called tree kangaroos and there are as many as 14 species that live in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea. Most live in the montane forests of Queensland in northeastern Australia, but others are also found in lowland forests.
Their life in trees is made possible thanks to some distinct body characteristics: the tail is exceptionally long; the forelegs are very strong and short; the hind legs, longer, with curved claws on the feet; the legs have a spongy lower part which facilitates the grip and therefore to climb trees.
They are 41 to 77 cm tall with a tail ranging from 40 to 87 cm. The weight can reach 14.5 kg.
Babies grow in their mother's pouch for a period of 350 days, much longer than larger species (around 235 days).
Unfortunately, this species is also classified as endangered.
The greatest threats to tree kangaroos are the loss of forest habitat, due to the advancement of coffee, rice and cereal plantations which requires space.
It is obtained by subtracting the forests, habitat of tree kangaroos.
Hunting is also a major threat, especially in New Guinea where indigenous peoples hunt tree kangaroos for meat.
Only two species live in Australia: the Lumholtz tree kangaroo and the Bennett tree kangaroo, which live in the rainforest of the Cape York Peninsula in North Queensland, and both are now threatened by logging.

And you, have you ever seen a tree kangaroo?

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