Impariamo dagli animali !

Let's learn from animals!

We have so much to learn from other animals! 🐾 🐘

Millions of years ago, our planet was inhabited by various elephant-like animals that belonged to the order of the Proboscideans.

Today two representatives of these ancient animals survive on our earth and they are:

• the African elephant, which is the largest mammal in the world

• the Asian elephant, its smaller cousin.

Man can really learn a lot from this huge animal! 🫀 🤍

Elephants have a great sense of solidarity and live mainly in groups: the rest of the herd is always ready to help the elephant in need. They also pass on information that is useful for their lives. For example, in Kenya the elephants that have never been attacked, thanks to other elephants, are able to distinguish hunters from simple farmers.

Mothers help each other too. When a baby elephant loses his mother, he is adopted by the older sister or mother of another herd of elephants. 👩‍👧‍👦

The fact that elephants have excellent memories is not just a saying.

It happened that after 12 years an elephant recognized its trainer! 🧠

Thanks to its excellent memory the elephant has the meaning of strength, wisdom, power and even good luck: having the image of the mighty African animal with the trunk raised was and a clear signal of luck that is coming.

In his "Bestiary", Leonardo da Vinci describes him as the sacred and mighty animal par excellence. 🛕

Unfortunately, elephants are also considered an endangered species! ⚠️ Despite the closure of the international ivory market in 1989, today there is an ivory black market, one of the main causes of the elephant's disappearance. There are also forms of poaching that use technological tools and deadly weapons to exterminate elephants and finance local wars with the sale of ivory. Finally, even in this case, deforestation and the extension of agriculture make areas that have always belonged to these splendid mammals that are now in danger of extinction more unusable every year. 🌳

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